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#MacBot Bulletin Board

MacBot is a native macOS app for popular AI Services 🤖

  • GPT, Gemini, Copilot, Poe, and DALL-E support.
  • 100% Privacy: no data collected from users.
  • 0 subscriptions: lifetime access + free continuous updates.

Features in development 🚀

  • Azure OpenAI Endpoint (Azure is now in open beta! Let us know how it works!)
  • Llama Support
  • More GPT parameters

Features on the roadmap 🚸

  • GPT-4 Vision
  • Prompt Library
  • OpenAI Whisper Transcribing

Truly Native.

Directly chat with GPT and Gemini APIs in an iMessage-esque interface. You will also be able to modify output temperature and provide custom system instructions. More prompt engineering features coming soon!

Web Mode.

A web mode is also available for accessing 4 different AI Models on the web: ChatGPT, Gemini, Microsoft Copilot, and Poe.


Directly generate images by prompting DALL-E 2 &3 models in native mode. Images are outputted in a minimal carousel view.

Global Mode.

You can invoke global mode to access GPT and Gemini APIs from anywhere on your mac with a customizable shortcut.

Spotlight in action

Menu Bar Anywhere.

MacBot is always tucked away in your menu bar and offers an easy, full-fledged experience.

MacBot Customization.

Create an experience tailored just for you by enabling and disabling models and toolbar items to your liking.

We are looking forward to implementing more features in the near future to turn MacBot into the go-to native macOS client for AI services!

Check out our companion iOS app for Gemini, Geminify, here:

#Frequently Asked Questions

1. OpenAI Tokens Error

Please make sure you have a payment method setup in your OpenAI account and you have a sufficient number of tokens.

2. Do I need an API Key to use MacBot?

To use GPT native mode, an OpenAI API Key is required for directly accessing the GPT APIs. If you need assistance, we have a quick tutorial you can watch on the download landing page. For Gemini native mode, there is already a preloaded API key available for use.

3. What macOS versions does MacBot support?

Currently, MacBot only supports Sonoma (14.0+) due to certain libraries and APIs we are utilizing.

4. I'm having an issue, what should I do?

Please feel free to email us at!

Our Privacy Policy:

MacBot's developers do not collect any user data or have access to the users' chats. All chats sent using the native view are sent directly to OpenAI's API and Google's API and are promptly deleted when the user quits the app or chooses to move to a new conversation. All chats sent using the web view are sent directly to ChatGPT's website and Google Gemini's website. User settings are all stored locally on the device.

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MacBot - Native macOS AI Client

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